The Mysterious and Secret Order of the knights of the Golden Circle

Table of Contents:

About This Book


Other Credits of Dr. Roy William Roush


Origins of the Knights of the Golden Circle

Their Great Treasure Hoard

Chapter One: The History of the Knights of the Golden Circle

Their Secret Organization

Their Imperialists Plans and the Louisiana Purchase


Knights of the Golden Circle in California During the Civil War

Their Amazing Plans to Invade Mexico

Their Sworn Vows

Their Preamble

Their Obligation



Chapter Two: Knights of the Golden Circle - Treason History, 1864

Unwritten Secret Work of The Order of Sons of Liberty

Grips, Signs, Passwords, Etc. - Never before published

Explanation of the Initials used in the Rituals

Rituals of the Order of Sons of Liberty

Neophyte or Vestibule Degree

Chapter Three: Jesse James III - The Man who said he knew where the Knights buried their treasures

Jesse James III - The Great Grandson of Jesse James

Was Jesse James Still Alive in Oklahoma in 1948?

Who Was Really Buried in Jesse James' Grave?

The Plot

Jesse James III - or was he really Frank Hawks?

Treasure Maps

Chapter Four: A treasure hunt to Glorieta Pass, New Mexico

Some clues

The discovery

The man who had found the Treasure

Chapter Five: Del writes a book, Jesse James Was One Of His Names

Chapter Six: A treasure hunters convention in Tulsa, Oklahoma and a visit to KGC territory

My program on the KGC and their treasures

A treasure trip to Southwestern Arkansas

The mysterious treasure signs

Armed KGC sentinels had protected the treasures

The Bible tree

Chapter Seven: Was KGC treaure buried on my fathers old farm in Kansas?

The KGC Sentinel who had threatened my Grandfather

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