Prospecting For Gold -
Instructional Home Video

Got Gold Fever? Here's the cure! This instructional DVD illustrates the six basic methods of finding gold, and provides valuable tips and information for the beginning, and experienced gold seeker. Featuring veteran prospector and treasure hunter, Roy Roush, this DVD shows how to find gold-bearing areas, and where gold accumulates. Drawing on his background as a long time staff member and comumnist for “Treasure”, and “Treasure Search” magazines, plus his years as an instructor of college courses and seminars on gold prospecting, Roy gives “hands-on” demonstrations of proper panning and sluicing techniques, the operation of wet & dry washers, effective metal detector usage, plus shallow and deep water dredging.

“Prospecting for Gold”, is a 63 minute DVD illustrating how to prospect for gold . . . one of the few outdoor activities where there may be a BIG PAYOFF ! ! !

Who knows? With luck, and a bit of education, anyone can find gold riches even today.

This video, hosted by Roy Roush, is an excellent explanation of the various mining methods in easy-to-understand terms.

• How to Find Gold-Producing Areas

• The Basic Methods Used to Recover Placer Gold

• The explanation and Demonstration of Gold-Finding Equipment

• The use of All-Important Accessories Like Classifiers, Gold Buckets and View Plates

• The Six Basic Methods of Finding Gold

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Prospecting for Gold Video

You can order this DVD or VHS tape directly from Dr. Roush by sending a check for $29.95 (includes all shipping and handling fees) to:

Roy Roush
5150 Escobedo Drive
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Phone (818) 888-5416

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