The Knights of the Golden Circle

Comments made about the book:

Pat Keene of Keene Industries, Major Suppliers of Gold Dredging and Treasure Hunting Equipment:
“This book is not only a history lesson, but will create a lot of interest to many serious treasure hunters to possibly make the find of their life.”

President of the Los Angeles Historical Society:
“This book certainly brings out a surprisingly important part of our history that very few people are aware of.”

Greg Davis, Co-founder of the Superstition Mountains Historical Society and Collector of Treasure Stories:
“Roy, my longtime friend, has brought forward something of great value to all treasure hunters and American historians.”

Kenneth White, President of White's Electronics:
“A treasure hunter using a modern metal detector, should be able to locate some valuable finds from the clues given in this book.”

David Finner, Treasure Hunter and Diver and President of the California Wrech Divers Association:
“Well researched and written. It is the only book I know of that gives any direct information, including maps, on these treasures. It will certainly be helpful to me.”

Mike Smith, Operator of Pro Mack South:
“Great documentation. There's nothing else like it. Every treasure hunter should get a copy. It is recommended reading for all.”

Bob Fitzgerald, Professional Treasure hunter and Distributor of Long Range Precision Locators:
“This book is worth it's weight in gold and will open up an important new avenue for treasure hunting using this information as the 'Bible' for a guide.”

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