The First Book -
The Mysterious and Secret Order of The Knights of the Golden Circle

This is an incredible story about the little known and secret order of “The Knights of the Golden Circle” during the Civil War period, their plans to start another war, and the huge treasures they left behind. But, they had started many years before the war began with bold plans of imperialism to gain more territory for our growing nation (which brought Texas into the Union), and also with amazing plans to annex Mexico. Later, they became devout believers in the rights of the southern cause and against the North imposing it's will against them.

When the Civil War started, they resorted to drastic measures and went underground to oppose the North and the Union Army with secretive and bold actions, including sabotage, infiltration of the Government, and a very efficient spy network. Many top politicians, officials, and men of importance were members. They were so effective that President Lincoln once referred to them as a “Fifth Column” which might have been the original use of the term.

After the war was over, they refused to accept the terms of the surrender and started making plans to restart the war at a later date. But they needed a great amount of money and support. So they started collecting money, gold, silver, and jewelry, plus arms and ammunition, and buried them in many parts of the country in old mining tunnels, pits and holes that they dug, and then assigned armed sentries to protect them from being found. But by the time they had amassed their fortune and supplies, World War One brought an end to their plans. Also, most of them had died off anyway by then. But the treasures they buried, which some have estimated to be worth billions of dollars, is the stuff that dreams are made of to treasure hunters.

The author, who is well-known in the field of treasure hunting, learned of this immense treasure years ago, and through his research has presented this information here - - not only bringing out this little known part of American history, but also has provided much information on the treasures, including some rare and never-before-published treasure maps of some of the treasure sites.

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The Second Book -
How to Find the Treasures of the Knights of the Golden Circle

Now, Dr. Roush cuts to the core - the history is fascinating, but the raw clues to the still-hidden treasures are laid out in this new book in a systematic fashion for the modern-day treasure hunter. Check out the table of contents:

Chapter One: Background on the Treasure Hunter Confidential Newsletter

Chapter Two: Introduction to the Knights of the Golden Circle

Chapter Three: Treasure Hunter Confidential Newsletters from April 1990 thru December 1993

Chapter Four: Treasure Hunter Confidential Newsletters from July 1995 thru November 1997

Chapter Five: Treasure Hunter Confidential Newsletters from May 1998 thru October 2001

Chapter Six: Is the famous LUE Treasure Map part of the KGC Treasure?

Chapter Seven: Update on Recent Searches for the KGC Treasures

The Third Book -
Knights of the Golden Circle Treasure Signs

This book contains new information that I obtained after returning to an old farm in eastern Kansas recently where I discovered many KGC treasure signs that lead me to a bit hole where part of the treasure had been dug up years ago, apparently by the Sentinel who had been guarding the treasure for years.

Chapter One - Who were the Knights of the Golden Circle

Chapter Two - KGC Treasure Signs and Symbols

Chapter three - The Kansas Treasure Site - Found Too Late

The Fourth Book -
Jesse James and Lost Treasures of the Knights of the Golden Circle

Published April 2010

This book includes some startling information that has been brought to light recently that has led to investigating some of the old theories that have been taken for granted.
       For example: Were Jesse James and his gang members of the KGC?  There is now good evidence that they were.  Did they also bury some of their stolen loot to add to the KGC treasures that were being buried around the country to finance another Civil War? Again, there is good evidence that they did, especially since Jesse and his gang were devout Southerners. They were still angry over the outcome of the Civil War and were doing all they could to benefit the Confederacy.
       Did Bob Ford really shoot Jesse James? There is revealing new evidence in this book that he didn’t!   Maybe history should be rewritten!
      And what’s the story on the old man who came to Lawton, Oklahoma in 1949. He said that he was the real outlaw, “Jesse James”--and had been living peaceably in Texas for many years under the alias of “J. Frank Dalton.” He said that Bob Ford did not kill him, and that the whole thing had been a hoax so that he could escape from the law and Bob could claim the reward; although it was another person that was killed and buried in the grave in Missouri instead of him. The story does seem to fit with the circumstances. And interestingly enough, what does the name “J. Frank Dalton” reveal?
      It was noted that his body bore many signs that he had indeed lived a very rugged and dangerous life, including 32 scars from bullet wounds, scars around his neck from an attempted hanging, and burn marks around his feet caused by Union Soldiers when they tried to make him reveal where his older brother, Frank, was hiding, but Jesse never told them.
       Many people who had once known Jesse came to see and talk to the old man, and they all agreed that he really was Jesse James because they said that he knew information and could answer questions that only the real Jesse could have known. This book also shows numerous photos of the old man in Lawton.  
      One chapter gives information about how a treasure hunter found one of the treasures that Jesse and his gang had buried near Lawton, Oklahoma. He found it by using several old maps. His interesting story is told, including photos of two of his maps.
      Another chapter gives important information on where to look for and how to recognize some KGC treasure signs.
      The Author can be seen on the recent History Channel’s, two-hour special documentary: “Jesse James’ Lost Treasure.” He was also a consultant for the program.

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The Fifth Book -
Who Killed Jesse James - New clues to the old mysetry.

Published August 2011

For over 100 years, there have always been serious doubts that Bob Ford had killed Jesse James. Though most of our old history books have claimed that he did, there have always been many people who refused to believe it and have said that it was a clever hoax so that Jesse could escape from the law--and that they could prove it. However, there are still those who believe that history has told it right.

But since the doubts have never gone away, it has led to some extensive research that has not only come up with some surprising results, but also with some more questions; such as--did Jesse live on to an old man as some have claimed--if Jesse wasn’t killed, then who lies buried in his grave; and when the body in Jesses’ grave was exhumed in 1995 for DNA testing, what did it show? And since Bob Ford claimed to have shot Jesse with a .45 caliber handgun, why was a .38 caliber bullet found in the skull?

The book also contains some interesting stories of Jesse and his gang, including the big shoot-out during their failed robbery of the bank in Northfield, Minnesota; the many years of being pursued by the Pinkertons; the gunfights they had; and when they threw a bomb into his mother’s home one night, it killed Jesse’s younger brother and blew off part of his mothers left arm, but they failed to capture Jesse and Frank.

Additionally, it includes information on Bob Ford’s secret deal with the Governor; why he only received part of the reward money instead of all of it; how Jesse had tried to pull off a hoax about his death before; and who was the old man who appeared in 1948 and said that he was the real Jesse James and had not been killed? All that and much more is covered in this new book

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